Monday, March 9, 2009

Owens to Buffalo?

Well I doubt many people saw this coming, the Buffalo Bills didn't seem a likely contender in the "T.O. sweepstakes". The Bills are not a playoff team and Buffalo isn't a big market city. They also have never been a big time spender in free agency. While this seems like an unlikely union, it may just work out for both the Bills and Terrell Owens.

Why it will work for the Bills? Buffalo was an underachieving team last season. They started off the season going 5-1, but managed only two wins the rest of the way. While not a great team the Bills do have talent on both sides of the ball. They could be a dangerous team in an already tough AFC East if some of their young players begin to reach their potential. The Bills now have a dangerous wide receiver tandem in Owens and Lee Evans. Evans usually gets overshadowed by bigger name receivers, but is among the best in the league. With Owens in the mix teams will no longer be able to double team Evans at will. If the Bills can add a pass catching tight end in the draft they could have one of the better passing attacks in the league. The Bills only gave Owens a one year deal minimizing the risk of Owens being a distraction or a locker room problem. Owens will need to be on his best behavior to continue to find work in the NFL.

Why it will work for Owens? If T.O. can keep his mouth shut and just play football this season he can rebuild his reputation and become a very attractive free agent next off season. By signing the one year deal Owens isn't stuck with the Bills if they don't turn into a playoff contender. Also by going to a team that already has a number one wide out in Evans, Owens should be able to get a fair share of single coverages. Also he will not always be 'shadowed' by the defense's number one corner as he has for most of his career. Owens will have a much greater chance to have an impact and produce big numbers in Buffalo than he would have in Oakland or any number of other possible destinations.

While its far from a certainty I think this will turn out well for both sides. Owens has every reason to let his game do the talking this coming season. If he does that the Bills can challenge for a Wild Card spot in the playoffs next season.

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