Friday, April 24, 2009

Mock Draft

Here's how I think the first round will play out. I'll predict a couple of potential big trades but I think a few more could happen.

  1. Detroit Lions: QB Matt Stafford
  2. St. Louis Rams: OT Eugene Monroe
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: DT B.J. Raji
  4. Seattle Seahawks: OLB Aaron Curry
  5. Cleveland Browns: WR Michael Crabtree
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: OT Jason Smith
  7. Oakland Raiders: WR Jeremy Maclin
  8. Denver Broncos: QB Mark Sanchez (trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars)
  9. Green Bay Packers: OT Andre Smith
  10. San Francisco 49ers: OLB/DE Aaron Maybin
  11. Buffalo Bills: OT Michael Oher
  12. Jacksonville Jaguars: CB Vontae Davis
  13. San Diego Chargers: DE Tyson Jackson (trade from the Washington Redskins)
  14. New Orleans Saints: RB Chris Wells
  15. Houston Texans: LB Clay Matthews
  16. Washington Redskins: DE Brian Orakpo
  17. N.Y. Jets: WR Hakeem Nicks
  18. Denver Broncos: DE/OLB Everette Brown
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: WR Percy Harvin
  20. Detroit Lions: OT William Beatty
  21. Philadelphia Eagles: TE Brandon Pettigrew
  22. Minnesota Vikings: OT Eben Britton
  23. New England Patriots: ILB Rey Maualuga
  24. Atlanta Falcons: OLB Brian Cushing
  25. Miami Dolphins: CB Sean Smith
  26. Arizona Cardinals: RB Knowshon Moreno (trade from the Ravens for Anquan Boldin)
  27. Indianapolis Colts: DT Peria Jerry
  28. Buffalo Bills: DE Robert Ayers
  29. Cleveland Browns: OLB Clint Sintim (trade from the Giants for Braylon Edwards)
  30. Tennessee Titans: CB Darius Butler
  31. Arizona Cardinals: DE/OLB Larry English
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers: C Alex Mack

I think Edwards and Boldin will both be moved on draft day. Especially after some of the top wide receivers get selected. I'm not buying into the Josh Freeman hype. I think he'll fall to the second round and could be grabbed by St. Louis or Seattle. As for other trades, I think Jacksonville will move down at least once and I think the Redskins will likely trade down if they don't get Mark Sanchez (which I still don't understand why they want him). Anyways these are my quick thoughts on the draft. What are yours?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

NFL Draft: Team needs: AFC

Buffalo Bills: 11th and 28th picks in the first round

1. Left tackle: The Bills traded away Jason Peters and will need to replace their blind-side protector.
2. Defensive end: Buffalo needs a someone to help Schobel with getting to the QB.
3. Tight end: The Bills could use a third receiving option behind T.O. and Evans.
4. Outside linebacker: Crowell left a hole on the outside that still needs to be filled.
5. Defensive tackle: The Bills could use some depth to keep their tackles fresh.

Miami Dolphins: 25th pick in the 1st round

1. Wide receiver: The Dolphins lack a big receiver to go along with Ginn and Bess.
2. Cornerback: Will Allen is a top flight starter but the rest of the corners are average at best.
3. Outside linebacker: Miami could use another pass rusher to go along with Joey Porter.
4. Guard: Guard is the one weak spot on the line and should be addressed.
5. Defensive tackle: Ferguson is getting up there in age so a solid back-up is needed here.

New England Patriots: 23rd pick in the first round

1. Inside linebacker: Teddy Bruschi is in his 30's now and the Pats need a capable replacement.
2. Outside linebacker: New England needs to add a pass rusher to go along with Thomas.
3. Guard: Neal is on the wrong side of 30 and will be a FA next year.
4. Safety: Meriweather is locked into one starting spot but the other one is up for grabs.
5. Running back: Even after adding Taylor, running back is a position of need for the Pats.

New York Jets: 17th pick in the first round

1. Wide Receiver: With the loss of Coles the Jets need a big time play maker.
2. Defensive end: Shaun Ellis is still getting the job done at one spot but the Jets need to give him help on the line.
3. Quarterback: Clemens isn't the answer and Brett Ratliff has potential but is unproven.
4. Cornerback: Even after adding Sheppard the Jets could use more depth here.
5. Offensive line: The Jets have a good group of starters but don't have much behind them.

Baltimore Ravens: 26th pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: The Ravens one weakness on the line is RT and should be addressed early.
2. Wide Receiver: The Ravens need a wideout who Flacco can throw the long ball too.
3. Inside linebacker: The Ravens will need to replace Scott to keep their defense at the top of its game.
4. Defensive end: A play maker at end could help open things up for their talented linebackers.
5. Guard: The Ravens need some depth for the interior of their line.

Cincinnati Bengals: 6th pick in the first round

1. Left tackle: Levi Jones is on his last legs and Palmer needs a new body guard.
2. Center: When you play in a division against three 3-4 teams you need an elite center, the Bengals don't even have an average one.
3. Running back: Cincy needs an RB to take the pressure off the passing game.
4. Defensive end: When you only have 17 sacks last season and improvement needs to be made.
5. Middle linebacker: The Bengals could use some depth here with Jones' age starting to show.

Cleveland Browns: 5th pick in the first round

1. Outside linebacker: The Browns pass rush was non-existent last year and needs a boost.
2. Wide Receiver: Stallworth could be facing jail and Edwards may be traded a new receiver is a big need.
3. Running back: Jamal Lewis is on his last legs a speed back should be a nice compliment.
4. Cornerback: The Browns need to add a starter opposite Eric Wright.
5. Offensive line: The Browns have solid starters but could use depth across the line.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 32nd pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: Starks and Colon are returning but neither is a great starter.
2. Center: The Steelers need a dominate center to match up against the top DT's in the North.
3. Wide Receiver: Pittsburgh needs to replace Washington and I'm not sold on Sweed as the answer.
4. Defensive end: The Steelers could use some depth here with their starters getting up in age.
5. Cornerback: The loss of McFadden left this position a little thin.

Houston Texans: 15th pick in the first round

1. Outside linebacker: The Texans could use a play maker outside to go along with Ryans inside.
2. Defensive tackle: A power tackle that can occupy blockers is key for Houston.
3. Safety: An upgrade at SS could be a big help to the secondary.
4. Running back: Houston needs a power back to compliment Steve Slaton.
5. Guard: Their interior line is a bit thin with Pitts the only solid guard.

Indianapolis Colts: 27th pick in the first round

1. Defensive tackle: The Colts got almost no production from their tackles last year and need to address this early.
2. Wide Receiver: The Harrison era is over and the Colts will likely add another weapon for Manning.
3. Inside linebacker: Brackett is coming off a major injury and may not be the same player he once was.
4. Offensive tackle: Ugoh struggled last season so a back-up plan is needed.
5. Outside linebacker: The Colts need more play makers on defense especially at OLB.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 8th pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: even with the addition of Thomas the Jags need to get more talent at tackle.
2. Wide Receiver: Adding Holt was a great first step but Garrard needs another weapon on the outside.
3. Guard: The Jags lost three guards last season to major injuries, depth is a priority here.
4. Defensive tackle: A force in the middle to go along with John Henderson would be a major boost to the defense.
5. Cornerback: The Jags are pretty thin here quality depth is needed.

Tennessee Titans: 30 pick in the first round

1. Cornerback: The Titans need another cornerback to pair with Finnegan, especially since they play the Colts twice a year.
2. Wide Receiver: Adding Washington was nice but the receiving corps is still an area of concern.
3. Defensive tackle: They brought in Haye but he won't fill Haynesworth's shoes alone.
4. Outside linebacker: The starters are top notch but there isn't anything behind them.
5. Offensive line: The Titans need some much needed depth across the entire line.

Denver Broncos: 12th and 18th picks in the first round

1. Nose tackle: Denver is moving to a 3-4 alignment but lacks the personnel in the middle.
2. Inside linebacker: Another position the Broncos need to upgrade for the move to the 3-4.
3. Defensive end: The Broncos have below average starters at DE and need an influx of talent.
4. Quarterback: With Cutler out and Orton in the Broncos could look for a young QB to groom.
5. Outside linebacker: Jarvis Moss has been a disappointment and might not be able to make the transition to OLB.

Kansas City Chiefs: 3rd pick in the first round

1. Nose tackle: Moving Dorsey outside will hopefully jump start his career but an inside guy is needed.
2. Guard: The Chiefs need a big upgrade inside to help keep Cassel off his back.
3. Linebacker: The Chiefs need to add a lot of talent at linebacker with the move to the 3-4.
4. Center: Niswanger isn't a good starter in the middle and KC should look for a replacement.
5. Offensive tackle: The Chiefs could use an upgrade over McIntosh to pair with Albert.

Oakland Raiders: 7th pick in the first round

1. Wide receiver: The Raiders have three quality running backs and zero receivers, they will need to improve that ratio to start winning some games.
2. Outside linebacker: OLB was a revolving door for the Raiders last season, the need a true starter.
3. Safety: Michael Huff has been a bust and Wilson is now in Miami adding some talent is key here.
4. Offensive tackle: The Raiders need to keep Russell upright for their offense to improve.
5. Defensive end: Burgess is on the down side of his career and the Raiders need depth.

San Diego Chargers: 16th pick in the first round

1. Right tackle: Clary was a major disappointment last season and should be replaced.
2. Inside linebacker: The Chargers need another ILB to play next to Cooper.
3. Guard: Dielman is great but RG has been a major issue. Depth is also a concern here.
4. Safety: Weddle is solid at one spot but the other spot is up in the air.
5. Defensive end: The Chargers could use another stout lineman opposite Castillo

NFL Draft-Team needs: NFC

Dallas Cowboys: no first round pick

1. Safety: Either spot could use an upgrade, free safety may be a bigger concern.
2. Wide Receiver: Miles Austin is nice but he's not gonna put up T.O. numbers.
3. Offensive line: Flozell Adams is getting up there in age and they can use depth across the line.
4. Cornerback: Pacman and Anthony Henry are gone, they need some depth behind their starters.
5.Defensive line: They are set with their starters but need back-ups who can give solid minutes.

New York Giants: 29th pick in the first round

1. Wide receiver: Burress and Toomer are gone, the G-men need a quality receiver to fill the void.
2. Linebacker: Giants need another starting linebacker to go with Boley and Pierce.
3. Offensive line: The Giants have great starters but almost no depth. Age is a concern as well.
4. Safety: Losing Butler left this position without much depth.
5. Running back: Giants could use a mid-round RB to replace Ward and keep Jacobs fresh.

Philadelphia Eagles: 21st pick in the first round

1. Running back: The Eagles had a top 10 offense last year despite ranking 22nd in rushing.
2. Tight end: Brent Celek isn't the answer. Eagles could use a bit upgrade here.
3. Cornerback: Sheldon Brown isn't happy with his contract and wants to be traded. Adding a corner is becoming a priority.
4. Wide receiver: The team could use a big target to go along with Jackson and Curtis.
5. Defensive end: More of a want than a need but Philly could use a pass rusher on the edge.

Washington Redskins: 13th pick in the first round

1. Outside linebacker: The Skins need a starter here, preferably someone who can rush the passer as well.
2. Offensive tackle: Washington has a big hole at RT and could use a long term solution.
3. Defensive end: The Redskins only had 24 sacks last season, they need an every down end opposite Carter.
4. Cornerback: Rodgers is inconsistent and Smoot is showing signs of age, a young corner is needed.
5. Power running back: Portis is still a very good back but he needs some help on short yardage.

Chicago Bears: no first round pick

1. Wide receiver: Bears need a big receiver to compliment Hester.
2. Defensive end: Chicago needs to generate a better pass rush for them to be in the playoffs.
3. Cornerback: The Bears need a starter opposite Tillman.
4. Outside linebacker: Roach and Hillenmeyer are ok but not great options on the strongside.
5. Safety: The Bears could use a good developmental player here.

Detroit Lions: 1st pick and 20th pick in the first round

1. Left tackle: It didn't matter who was behind center last year he was gonna take a pounding.
2. Defensive tackle: Detroit didn't stop the run and couldn't rush the passer. They need a quick tackle to play next to Grady Jackson.
3. Quarterback: The Lions desperately need a new signal caller to improve the 30th ranked offense.
4. Middle linebacker: Paris Lenon isn't the answer, the Lions need someone to play in between Peterson and Sims.
5. Guard: The entire offensive line was a problem last year.

Green Bay Packers: 9th pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: Tauscher is gone and Clifton is getting up there in age.
2. Defensive end: With Kampman moving to OLB the Packers need some starting ends.
3. Outside linebacker: Packers need someone other than Kampman getting to the QB.
4. Running back: Packers need to add a quick back to the mix here.
5. Safety: The starters are pretty good but there isn't much depth here.

Minnesota Vikings: 22nd pick in the first round

1. Right tackle: The right tackle spot is the only hole on the O-line. The Vikes need a big upgrade here to help their offense.
2. Wide receiver: The Vikings need to add more weapons to their passing attack.
3. Quarterback: They added Sage Rosenfels but adding another young guy couldn't hurt.
4. Defensive tackle: The Vikes have the best tackles in the league but need some depth here.
5. Linebacker: Another area where Minnesota is extremely thin.

Atlanta Falcons: 24th pick in the first round

1. Cornerback: With Foxworth gone the Falcons need to add a starter.
2. Safety: Atlanta could use an upgrade at both spots and should address the position early.
3. Defensive tackle: The Falcons desperately need a run stuffing DT.
4. Outside Linebacker: Atlanta needs to add some talent to their OLB corps.
5. Center: Its the weakest part of the Falcons line though not an immediate need.

Carolina Panthers: no first round pick

1. Defensive tackle: Panthers need more production from the inside next season.
2. Cornerback: Lucas was cut and Marshall didn't have a great year. Panthers need a starter opposite Gamble.
3. Defensive end: Peppers may be gone after this year and there isn't much talent and depth behind him.
4. Wide receiver: Muhammed is getting up in age and Jarrett looks like a major bust.
5. Offensive line: The Panthers lost their top two back-ups in FA and are a little thin.

New Orleans Saints: 14th pick in the first round

1. Cornerback: Porter and Greer are good but the Saints could use a shut down corner.
2. Running back: Reggie Bush hasn't been the answer the Saints need an every down back to take pressure off Brees.
3. Outside linebacker: The Saints need more speed on the outside of Vilma.
4. Defensive tackle: Ellis needs someone in the middle with him to stop the run.
5. Safety: They added Sharper but they need a young guy to replace him when he's gone.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 19th pick in the first round

1. Defensive tackle: The team lost their best tackle (Haye) and it wasn't a strong position to begin with.
2. Wide Receiver: The team needs a starter opposite Bryant who can stretch the field.
3. Quarterback: Even with the signing of Leftwich they need a long term solution.
4. Defensive end: Adams is solid but there isn't much additional talent there.
5. Cornerback: Tampa needs depth behind Barber and Talib.

Arizona Cardinals: 31st pick in the first round

1. Running back: The Cards need a top notch running game to go with Warner and Fitzgerald.
2. Outside linebacker: Arizona needs to get better pressure on the QB from the outside.
3. Tight end: Adding a pass catching TE can only make the Cardinals more dangerous.
4. Interior Offensive lineman: Arizona has solid starters in the middle but could use an upgrade.
5. Defensive Tackle: Arizona needs someone who commands a double or triple team to allow their linebackers to make plays.

San Francisco 49ers: 10th pick in the first round

1. Outside linebacker: Manny Lawson has been a bust, the 49ers need a pass rusher on the outside.
2. Wide Receiver: Josh Morgan was a great find last year but the 49ers need a go to wideout.
3. Quarterback: Alex Smith isn't the answer neither is Shaun Hill, a QB of the future is needed.
4. Safety: The 49ers need to get younger here and they need a big upgrade at FS.
5. Offensive tackle: They signed Marvel Smith but he can't seem to stay healthy. Staley struggled last year as well.

Seattle Seahawks: 4th pick in the first round

1.Wide Receiver: Even with adding Houshmandzadeh the Seahawks need to add a top receiver early.
2. Outside linebacker: Trading away Peterson filled a need at DT but opened another one on the outside.
3. Cornerback: Wilson is a nice player but not the best option to start.
4. Quarterback: Hasselbeck is showing signs of age and had some injury problems last year.
5. Running back: Jones and Duckett don't inspire fear in many defenses.

St. Louis Rams: 2nd pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: The Pace era is over and the Rams desperately need a replacement.
2. Middle linebacker: The Rams need a strong MLB to compliment their solid outside guys.
3. Defensive tackle: Carriker should truly play end on early downs and move inside. The Rams need a run stuffing tackle to control the line of scrimmage.
4. Wide receiver: Torry Holt is gone and Donnie Avery is the only solid starter, a big upgrade is needed here.
5. Running back: There's not much behind Jackson on the depth chart, a change of pace back is needed here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NFL Draft: Defense

Here are my quick thoughts on the defensive talent in the draft.

I think this is a pretty good draft in the early rounds if you need a defensive lineman. There could be as many as 15 taken in the first three rounds, including 5-8 in the first round. Defensive end is particularly deep this year. Brian Orakpo, Everette Brown and Tyson Jackson all should be immediate impact players. Brown is considered a 'tweener' by some but has an excellent burst when getting at the quarterback and should succeed at the next level. B.J. Raji headlines a solid defensive tackle class and will be a dominate force in the middle. Jarron Gilbert is one of my favorite players in this draft class. I think he will be a force wherever he ends up on the line.

The linebacker class is solid overall but not as talented and deep as the defensive lineman. Aaron Curry is the most complete player in the entire draft. There is nothing he can't do from the linebacker spot and he will be a top-5 pick on Saturday. Clint Sintim and Clay Matthews are two great pass rushers that always get to the quarterback. I think they are both rated higher than the more well known Brian Cushing. Cushing is a nice player but I don't think he will be a impact player like Sintim and Matthews. Inside linebackers aren't nearly as deep as their outside counterparts. Only James Laurinaitis and Rey Maualuga are top 50 talents. Maualuga is a guy that scares me, I think he has been a bit over hyped. I think he fits best as an inside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme but would struggle if he was a middle linebacker in a 4-3 system.

I think the defensive backs are particularly strong in this class, highlighted by a deep corner back group. Though its a deep position, there probably isn't a single shut down corner in this class. The best pure corner is Darius Butler, he has the speed and athleticism to cover anyone. Two of the other top corners, Sean Smith and Malcolm Jenkins may be better fits at safety. Whatever position they are at Smith and Jenkins should be very good NFL starters. There aren't too many top pure safeties in this class but there should be some solid contributors. Rashard Johnson is a safety to watch in this draft. He's likely a late second to early third round prospect but could end up being the best safety in this draft. He's a smart player who always seems to be in a position to make a play.

I think this is a pretty good defensive draft. There are a number of starters that will come out of this class, particularly at defensive end and corner back. There are a number of talented pass rushers on the line and at linebacker in this class. Also I think Aaron Curry may be the best linebacker to come out in the last five years.

NFL Draft Top 5 by position: Defense

Here are my top 5 players for each defensive position. I will also include a sleeper at each spot as well. Since the defensive position for a player can fluctuate depending on defensive schemes a team runs, I will list players in their most likely position. In every instance the player would be in roughly the same slot, give or take a spot or two, at their secondary position. As always, these rankings are based on my personal projections for these players, and not indicative of where I see them being picked.

Defensive End:

1. Brian Orakpo-Texas (OLB)
2. Everette Brown-Florida State (OLB)
3. Tyson Jackson-LSU
4. Robert Ayers-Tennessee
5. Larry English-Northern Illinois (OLB)

Sleeper: Lawrence Sidbury Jr.-Richmond (OLB)

Defensive Tackle:

1. B.J. Raji-Boston College
2. Jarron Gilbert-San Jose State (DE)
3. Peria Jerry-Ole Miss
4. Ron Brace-Boston College
5. Evander Hood-Missouri

Sleeper: Mitch King-Iowa (DE)

Outside Linebacker:

1. Aaron Curry-Wake Forrest
2. Clay Matthews-USC
3. Clint Sintim-Virginia
4. Brian Cushing-USC
5. Connor Barwin-Cincinnati (DE)

Sleeper: Cody Brown-Connecticut

Middle Linebacker:

1. James Laurinaitis-Ohio State
2. Rey Maualuga-USC
3. Darry Beckwith-LSU
4. Scott McKillop-Pittsburgh
5. Jasper Brinkley-South Carolina

Sleeper: Gerald McRath-Southern Miss

Corner back:

1. Darius Butler-Connecticut
2. Sean Smith-Utah (S)
3. Malcolm Jenkins-Ohio State (S)
4. Vontae Davis-Illinois
5. Alphonso Smith-Wake Forrest

Sleeper: Victor Harris-Virginia Tech


1. Louis Delmas-Western Michigan
2. Patrick Chung-Oregon
3. Rashard Johnson-Alabama
4. William Moore-Missouri
5. Michael Hamlin-Clemson

Sleeper: Darcel McBath-Texas Tech

Monday, April 20, 2009

NFL Draft: Offense

I did my top 5's but I wanted to give some thoughts on the Offensive depth and talent in the upcoming NFL Draft.

First thing I wanted to comment on the quarterbacks in this class. Even though it looks like two QB's (Stafford and Sanchez) will be taken in the top 10 picks, and a third quarterback (Josh Freeman) will join them in the first round, I feel this is a very questionable quarterback group. I don't see a 'franchise' quarterback in the bunch. I think there are a lot of questions for all of these players and none of them are close to a sure thing. I think Stafford will be a solid starter in the league, but not a star worthy of a top 5 pick.

As for the rest of the skill positions it looks like it will be a very deep draft. It is an especially strong draft for receivers with, anywhere between 4-6 taken in the first round. Past the 1st round there are a number of additional wideouts that can be solid 3rd or 4th receivers in the NFL. While there aren't many complete tight ends in this draft I think there are seven quality guys who could become contributors in the NFL. I think Chase Coffman can be a weapon in the mold of Chris Cooley or Dallas Clark. He gets overlooked sometimes because he's not the fastest guy in the draft but he is sure-handed and always open. I think that while not as heralded as wideouts the running backs are pretty talented in this draft. Each one of the top four guys can be an every down back. My sleeper at this position Rashad Jennings is a very intriguing prospect. He's often overlooked because he played at Liberty, but I think he could be the best running back in this class. He's a power guy in the mold of Brandon Jacobs or Jerome Bettis. He also has some speed to go along with the power and should break his share of runs over 20 yards.

Another strength of this draft is the depth and talent of the offensive lineman that are available. Offensive tackles and centers are extremely deep. I think both Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith can be cornerstone left tackles. Beyond those two, there are a good 7-10 guys who can be solid to very good starting tackles. I think this could be the deepest center crop in years, Alex Mack, Max Unger and Eric Wood all have Pro Bowl potential. There's at least 3 or 4 additional starter prospects as well. Guard isn't nearly as deep of a position as tackle or center, but there are a few quality prospects. Duke Robinson has a ton of potential and should develop into a star.

Overall I like the offensive talent in this draft class. Though there aren't a ton of superstars or 'franchise' players there is a lot of starting potential in this class. I think there is a lot of depth and talent on the offensive side of the ball in this draft.

NFL draft Top 5 by position: Offense

Here are my top five players for each offensive position. I'll also throw in an additional sleeper pick for each spot as well. These rankings are based on what I believe their long term prospects are and not how I see them being drafted.


1. Matt Staford-Georgia
2. Mark Sanchez-USC
3. Josh Freeman-Kansas State
4. Rhett Bomar-Sam Houston State
5. Graham Harrell-Texas Tech

Sleeper: Tom Brandstater-Fresno State

Running backs:

1. Chris Wells- Ohio State
2. LeSean McCoy-Pittsburgh
3. Knowshon Moreno-Georgia
4. Donald Brown-Connecticut
5. Shonn Greene- Iowa

Sleeper: Rashad Jennings-Liberty

Wide Receivers:

1. Micheal Crabtree-Texas Tech
2. Hakeem Nicks-UNC
3. Jeremy Maclin-Missouri
4. Kenny Britt-Rutgers
Tie: 5a. Percy Harvin-Florida
5b. Darrius Heyward-Bey-Maryland

Sleeper: Ramses Barden-Cal Poly

Tight Ends:

1. Brandon Pettigrew-Oklahoma State
2. Jared Cook-South Carolina
3. Chase Coffman-Missouri
4. Shawn Nelson-Southern Miss
5. Travis Beckum-Wisconsin

Sleeper: James Casey-Rice

Offensive Tackles:

1. Eugene Monroe-Virginia
2. Jason Smith-Baylor
3. Andre Smith-Alabama
4. Michael Oher-Ole Miss
5. Eben Britton-Arizona

Sleeper: Jason Watkins-Florida

Offensive Guards:

1. Duke Robinson-Oklahoma
2. Andy Levitre-Oregon State
3, Herman Johnson-L.S.U.
4. Kraig Urbik-Wisconsin
5. Cornelius Lewis-Tennessee State


1. Alex Mack-California
2. Eric Wood-Louisville
3. Max Unger-Oregon
4. Antoine Caldwell-Alabama
5. Jonathan Luigs-Arkansas

Sleeper: Edwin Williams-Maryland


1. Pat White (Pat White doesn't have a set position but is talented enough that he will become an offensive weapon in the NFL)