Thursday, April 23, 2009

NFL Draft: Team needs: AFC

Buffalo Bills: 11th and 28th picks in the first round

1. Left tackle: The Bills traded away Jason Peters and will need to replace their blind-side protector.
2. Defensive end: Buffalo needs a someone to help Schobel with getting to the QB.
3. Tight end: The Bills could use a third receiving option behind T.O. and Evans.
4. Outside linebacker: Crowell left a hole on the outside that still needs to be filled.
5. Defensive tackle: The Bills could use some depth to keep their tackles fresh.

Miami Dolphins: 25th pick in the 1st round

1. Wide receiver: The Dolphins lack a big receiver to go along with Ginn and Bess.
2. Cornerback: Will Allen is a top flight starter but the rest of the corners are average at best.
3. Outside linebacker: Miami could use another pass rusher to go along with Joey Porter.
4. Guard: Guard is the one weak spot on the line and should be addressed.
5. Defensive tackle: Ferguson is getting up there in age so a solid back-up is needed here.

New England Patriots: 23rd pick in the first round

1. Inside linebacker: Teddy Bruschi is in his 30's now and the Pats need a capable replacement.
2. Outside linebacker: New England needs to add a pass rusher to go along with Thomas.
3. Guard: Neal is on the wrong side of 30 and will be a FA next year.
4. Safety: Meriweather is locked into one starting spot but the other one is up for grabs.
5. Running back: Even after adding Taylor, running back is a position of need for the Pats.

New York Jets: 17th pick in the first round

1. Wide Receiver: With the loss of Coles the Jets need a big time play maker.
2. Defensive end: Shaun Ellis is still getting the job done at one spot but the Jets need to give him help on the line.
3. Quarterback: Clemens isn't the answer and Brett Ratliff has potential but is unproven.
4. Cornerback: Even after adding Sheppard the Jets could use more depth here.
5. Offensive line: The Jets have a good group of starters but don't have much behind them.

Baltimore Ravens: 26th pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: The Ravens one weakness on the line is RT and should be addressed early.
2. Wide Receiver: The Ravens need a wideout who Flacco can throw the long ball too.
3. Inside linebacker: The Ravens will need to replace Scott to keep their defense at the top of its game.
4. Defensive end: A play maker at end could help open things up for their talented linebackers.
5. Guard: The Ravens need some depth for the interior of their line.

Cincinnati Bengals: 6th pick in the first round

1. Left tackle: Levi Jones is on his last legs and Palmer needs a new body guard.
2. Center: When you play in a division against three 3-4 teams you need an elite center, the Bengals don't even have an average one.
3. Running back: Cincy needs an RB to take the pressure off the passing game.
4. Defensive end: When you only have 17 sacks last season and improvement needs to be made.
5. Middle linebacker: The Bengals could use some depth here with Jones' age starting to show.

Cleveland Browns: 5th pick in the first round

1. Outside linebacker: The Browns pass rush was non-existent last year and needs a boost.
2. Wide Receiver: Stallworth could be facing jail and Edwards may be traded a new receiver is a big need.
3. Running back: Jamal Lewis is on his last legs a speed back should be a nice compliment.
4. Cornerback: The Browns need to add a starter opposite Eric Wright.
5. Offensive line: The Browns have solid starters but could use depth across the line.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 32nd pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: Starks and Colon are returning but neither is a great starter.
2. Center: The Steelers need a dominate center to match up against the top DT's in the North.
3. Wide Receiver: Pittsburgh needs to replace Washington and I'm not sold on Sweed as the answer.
4. Defensive end: The Steelers could use some depth here with their starters getting up in age.
5. Cornerback: The loss of McFadden left this position a little thin.

Houston Texans: 15th pick in the first round

1. Outside linebacker: The Texans could use a play maker outside to go along with Ryans inside.
2. Defensive tackle: A power tackle that can occupy blockers is key for Houston.
3. Safety: An upgrade at SS could be a big help to the secondary.
4. Running back: Houston needs a power back to compliment Steve Slaton.
5. Guard: Their interior line is a bit thin with Pitts the only solid guard.

Indianapolis Colts: 27th pick in the first round

1. Defensive tackle: The Colts got almost no production from their tackles last year and need to address this early.
2. Wide Receiver: The Harrison era is over and the Colts will likely add another weapon for Manning.
3. Inside linebacker: Brackett is coming off a major injury and may not be the same player he once was.
4. Offensive tackle: Ugoh struggled last season so a back-up plan is needed.
5. Outside linebacker: The Colts need more play makers on defense especially at OLB.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 8th pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: even with the addition of Thomas the Jags need to get more talent at tackle.
2. Wide Receiver: Adding Holt was a great first step but Garrard needs another weapon on the outside.
3. Guard: The Jags lost three guards last season to major injuries, depth is a priority here.
4. Defensive tackle: A force in the middle to go along with John Henderson would be a major boost to the defense.
5. Cornerback: The Jags are pretty thin here quality depth is needed.

Tennessee Titans: 30 pick in the first round

1. Cornerback: The Titans need another cornerback to pair with Finnegan, especially since they play the Colts twice a year.
2. Wide Receiver: Adding Washington was nice but the receiving corps is still an area of concern.
3. Defensive tackle: They brought in Haye but he won't fill Haynesworth's shoes alone.
4. Outside linebacker: The starters are top notch but there isn't anything behind them.
5. Offensive line: The Titans need some much needed depth across the entire line.

Denver Broncos: 12th and 18th picks in the first round

1. Nose tackle: Denver is moving to a 3-4 alignment but lacks the personnel in the middle.
2. Inside linebacker: Another position the Broncos need to upgrade for the move to the 3-4.
3. Defensive end: The Broncos have below average starters at DE and need an influx of talent.
4. Quarterback: With Cutler out and Orton in the Broncos could look for a young QB to groom.
5. Outside linebacker: Jarvis Moss has been a disappointment and might not be able to make the transition to OLB.

Kansas City Chiefs: 3rd pick in the first round

1. Nose tackle: Moving Dorsey outside will hopefully jump start his career but an inside guy is needed.
2. Guard: The Chiefs need a big upgrade inside to help keep Cassel off his back.
3. Linebacker: The Chiefs need to add a lot of talent at linebacker with the move to the 3-4.
4. Center: Niswanger isn't a good starter in the middle and KC should look for a replacement.
5. Offensive tackle: The Chiefs could use an upgrade over McIntosh to pair with Albert.

Oakland Raiders: 7th pick in the first round

1. Wide receiver: The Raiders have three quality running backs and zero receivers, they will need to improve that ratio to start winning some games.
2. Outside linebacker: OLB was a revolving door for the Raiders last season, the need a true starter.
3. Safety: Michael Huff has been a bust and Wilson is now in Miami adding some talent is key here.
4. Offensive tackle: The Raiders need to keep Russell upright for their offense to improve.
5. Defensive end: Burgess is on the down side of his career and the Raiders need depth.

San Diego Chargers: 16th pick in the first round

1. Right tackle: Clary was a major disappointment last season and should be replaced.
2. Inside linebacker: The Chargers need another ILB to play next to Cooper.
3. Guard: Dielman is great but RG has been a major issue. Depth is also a concern here.
4. Safety: Weddle is solid at one spot but the other spot is up in the air.
5. Defensive end: The Chargers could use another stout lineman opposite Castillo

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