Thursday, April 23, 2009

NFL Draft-Team needs: NFC

Dallas Cowboys: no first round pick

1. Safety: Either spot could use an upgrade, free safety may be a bigger concern.
2. Wide Receiver: Miles Austin is nice but he's not gonna put up T.O. numbers.
3. Offensive line: Flozell Adams is getting up there in age and they can use depth across the line.
4. Cornerback: Pacman and Anthony Henry are gone, they need some depth behind their starters.
5.Defensive line: They are set with their starters but need back-ups who can give solid minutes.

New York Giants: 29th pick in the first round

1. Wide receiver: Burress and Toomer are gone, the G-men need a quality receiver to fill the void.
2. Linebacker: Giants need another starting linebacker to go with Boley and Pierce.
3. Offensive line: The Giants have great starters but almost no depth. Age is a concern as well.
4. Safety: Losing Butler left this position without much depth.
5. Running back: Giants could use a mid-round RB to replace Ward and keep Jacobs fresh.

Philadelphia Eagles: 21st pick in the first round

1. Running back: The Eagles had a top 10 offense last year despite ranking 22nd in rushing.
2. Tight end: Brent Celek isn't the answer. Eagles could use a bit upgrade here.
3. Cornerback: Sheldon Brown isn't happy with his contract and wants to be traded. Adding a corner is becoming a priority.
4. Wide receiver: The team could use a big target to go along with Jackson and Curtis.
5. Defensive end: More of a want than a need but Philly could use a pass rusher on the edge.

Washington Redskins: 13th pick in the first round

1. Outside linebacker: The Skins need a starter here, preferably someone who can rush the passer as well.
2. Offensive tackle: Washington has a big hole at RT and could use a long term solution.
3. Defensive end: The Redskins only had 24 sacks last season, they need an every down end opposite Carter.
4. Cornerback: Rodgers is inconsistent and Smoot is showing signs of age, a young corner is needed.
5. Power running back: Portis is still a very good back but he needs some help on short yardage.

Chicago Bears: no first round pick

1. Wide receiver: Bears need a big receiver to compliment Hester.
2. Defensive end: Chicago needs to generate a better pass rush for them to be in the playoffs.
3. Cornerback: The Bears need a starter opposite Tillman.
4. Outside linebacker: Roach and Hillenmeyer are ok but not great options on the strongside.
5. Safety: The Bears could use a good developmental player here.

Detroit Lions: 1st pick and 20th pick in the first round

1. Left tackle: It didn't matter who was behind center last year he was gonna take a pounding.
2. Defensive tackle: Detroit didn't stop the run and couldn't rush the passer. They need a quick tackle to play next to Grady Jackson.
3. Quarterback: The Lions desperately need a new signal caller to improve the 30th ranked offense.
4. Middle linebacker: Paris Lenon isn't the answer, the Lions need someone to play in between Peterson and Sims.
5. Guard: The entire offensive line was a problem last year.

Green Bay Packers: 9th pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: Tauscher is gone and Clifton is getting up there in age.
2. Defensive end: With Kampman moving to OLB the Packers need some starting ends.
3. Outside linebacker: Packers need someone other than Kampman getting to the QB.
4. Running back: Packers need to add a quick back to the mix here.
5. Safety: The starters are pretty good but there isn't much depth here.

Minnesota Vikings: 22nd pick in the first round

1. Right tackle: The right tackle spot is the only hole on the O-line. The Vikes need a big upgrade here to help their offense.
2. Wide receiver: The Vikings need to add more weapons to their passing attack.
3. Quarterback: They added Sage Rosenfels but adding another young guy couldn't hurt.
4. Defensive tackle: The Vikes have the best tackles in the league but need some depth here.
5. Linebacker: Another area where Minnesota is extremely thin.

Atlanta Falcons: 24th pick in the first round

1. Cornerback: With Foxworth gone the Falcons need to add a starter.
2. Safety: Atlanta could use an upgrade at both spots and should address the position early.
3. Defensive tackle: The Falcons desperately need a run stuffing DT.
4. Outside Linebacker: Atlanta needs to add some talent to their OLB corps.
5. Center: Its the weakest part of the Falcons line though not an immediate need.

Carolina Panthers: no first round pick

1. Defensive tackle: Panthers need more production from the inside next season.
2. Cornerback: Lucas was cut and Marshall didn't have a great year. Panthers need a starter opposite Gamble.
3. Defensive end: Peppers may be gone after this year and there isn't much talent and depth behind him.
4. Wide receiver: Muhammed is getting up in age and Jarrett looks like a major bust.
5. Offensive line: The Panthers lost their top two back-ups in FA and are a little thin.

New Orleans Saints: 14th pick in the first round

1. Cornerback: Porter and Greer are good but the Saints could use a shut down corner.
2. Running back: Reggie Bush hasn't been the answer the Saints need an every down back to take pressure off Brees.
3. Outside linebacker: The Saints need more speed on the outside of Vilma.
4. Defensive tackle: Ellis needs someone in the middle with him to stop the run.
5. Safety: They added Sharper but they need a young guy to replace him when he's gone.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 19th pick in the first round

1. Defensive tackle: The team lost their best tackle (Haye) and it wasn't a strong position to begin with.
2. Wide Receiver: The team needs a starter opposite Bryant who can stretch the field.
3. Quarterback: Even with the signing of Leftwich they need a long term solution.
4. Defensive end: Adams is solid but there isn't much additional talent there.
5. Cornerback: Tampa needs depth behind Barber and Talib.

Arizona Cardinals: 31st pick in the first round

1. Running back: The Cards need a top notch running game to go with Warner and Fitzgerald.
2. Outside linebacker: Arizona needs to get better pressure on the QB from the outside.
3. Tight end: Adding a pass catching TE can only make the Cardinals more dangerous.
4. Interior Offensive lineman: Arizona has solid starters in the middle but could use an upgrade.
5. Defensive Tackle: Arizona needs someone who commands a double or triple team to allow their linebackers to make plays.

San Francisco 49ers: 10th pick in the first round

1. Outside linebacker: Manny Lawson has been a bust, the 49ers need a pass rusher on the outside.
2. Wide Receiver: Josh Morgan was a great find last year but the 49ers need a go to wideout.
3. Quarterback: Alex Smith isn't the answer neither is Shaun Hill, a QB of the future is needed.
4. Safety: The 49ers need to get younger here and they need a big upgrade at FS.
5. Offensive tackle: They signed Marvel Smith but he can't seem to stay healthy. Staley struggled last year as well.

Seattle Seahawks: 4th pick in the first round

1.Wide Receiver: Even with adding Houshmandzadeh the Seahawks need to add a top receiver early.
2. Outside linebacker: Trading away Peterson filled a need at DT but opened another one on the outside.
3. Cornerback: Wilson is a nice player but not the best option to start.
4. Quarterback: Hasselbeck is showing signs of age and had some injury problems last year.
5. Running back: Jones and Duckett don't inspire fear in many defenses.

St. Louis Rams: 2nd pick in the first round

1. Offensive tackle: The Pace era is over and the Rams desperately need a replacement.
2. Middle linebacker: The Rams need a strong MLB to compliment their solid outside guys.
3. Defensive tackle: Carriker should truly play end on early downs and move inside. The Rams need a run stuffing tackle to control the line of scrimmage.
4. Wide receiver: Torry Holt is gone and Donnie Avery is the only solid starter, a big upgrade is needed here.
5. Running back: There's not much behind Jackson on the depth chart, a change of pace back is needed here.

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