Thursday, April 16, 2009

Voice of the Fan

This week the sports world lost two iconic ambassadors and voices of the game when Harry Kalas passed away and John Madden retired. Madden and Kalas were so well known and liked that they were sought after for endorsements due to their distinct voices and presence. Both men will be sorely missed by the sports community for their insight and ability to capture the game.

Kalas began broadcasting baseball games 46 years ago and was entering his 39th year with the Philadelphia Phillies. During that time Kalas connected to Philadelphia fans through both their losing seasons and their World Championship years. His impact on the game of baseball is evidenced by his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002. His impact on the Phillie faithful is immeasurable. He is part of the Philadelphia Phillies and his name will always be remembered with the team.

Following John Madden's head coaching career in which he has the highest winning percentage in the NFL he became a football commentator. Madden has covered the NFL for network television the last 30 years. Madden is also the namesake of the most popular video game series of all time EA's Madden NFL series. John Madden has become probably the most popular and recognizable sports announcer in the country.

As a sports fan I'm saddened to see the loss of two giants in the sport community. Both Madden and Kalas touched the lives of their listeners. They brought the game in to the living rooms of countless fans and helped them connect to their favorite teams and sports. Both were excellent at translating the game to capture the fan's attention and help make them feel apart of the action. Madden and Kalas were the ultimate professionals and will be missed by the sports world.


  1. I for one can't wait to play Collinsworth 10'

  2. Harry Kalas was indeed a legend and will be missed by all of us Philadelphia fans.