Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NBA Draft: Mock Draft 11-30

11. New Jersey Nets: Jrue Holiday-PG

The Nets could use a big man but probably won't reach for Blair, Johnson, or Mullens. I think they will take the top PG on the board here. Holiday will make a lot of sense here, as Harris can move too the 2 guard position.

12. Charlotte Bobcats: Terrence Williams-G/F

Williams would be a good pick for the Bobcats here. He can start at SG and fill in some at SF as well. He has a lot of upside if he reaches his full potential. With the Bobcats though he won't be forced to be an offensive focal point, which should help his development.

13. Indiana Pacers: Ty Lawson-PG

The Pacers need a solid point guard and Lawson is a good fit here. I think he's been underrated all along so this is actually a good spot for him, and not a reach.

14. Phoenix Suns: DeJuan Blair-PF

Johnson or Mullens should be in the mix here as well, but I think Blair is the best Big man available. With Shaq out the door, and Amare likely to follow, the Suns need to add some talent to their front court. Blair could fit in nicely with Phoenix's fast paced offense.

15. Detroit Piston: Austin Daye-SF

Daye has been rumored to Detroit for awhile and he seems like a pretty solid fit for the team. There is some upside in Daye, especially if he can get tougher.

16. Chicago Bulls: Gerald Henderson-SG

With Ben Gordon likely leaving in free agency the Bulls could use another option on the wing. Henderson has a lot of upside, and is athletic enough to get the ball to the basket.

17. Philadelphia 76ers: Eric Maynor-PG

The 76ers need a new point guard with Miller being a free agent. They will find a good one in Maynor. He should be able to step in and lead the offense from day one.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves: Earl Clark-SF

A lot depends on what they do with their top two picks (this pick may also be traded to move up in the draft), but I don't think the T-wolves could pass up on Clark if he's here at 18. They could use a big like Mullens for depth, but Clark is too good to pass up here. He does so many things well that he will be a great fit for Minnesota, a team that is still looking for an identity.

19. Atlanta Hawks: Jeff Teague-PG

Teague has exceptional speed, and would be a great fit in Atlanta. He can be a good solid back-up to Crawford. A back-up power forward like Johnson or Hansbrough are an option here as well. Teague is the last of the top level of point guards, so I don't see Atlanta passing on him if he's here.

20. Utah Jazz: James Johnson-PF

With Boozer on his way out, the Jazz need to add some talent to their front court. Johnson is a bit of a steal here, he's got a lot of upside and should fit well in Utah. Hansbrough and Sam Young are definite options as well.

21. New Orleans Hornets: B. J. Mullens-C

Tyson Chandler hasn't been the answer at the 5, leaving New Orleans desperate for help in the paint. So getting one of the two legitimate centers in this draft would be a coup for the Hornets. Mullens is a project but won't have to be a star player in New Orleans.

22. Portland Trail Blazers: Sam Young-SF

Young might not have been the player they were targeting when the traded up two spots in the draft, but there is no way they let him slide any further. The Blazers will love his maturity, work ethic and toughness. He also is an excellent rebounder and defender. Young is also one of the most NBA ready players in this draft and should contribute from day one.

23. Sacramento Kings: DeMarre Carroll-PF

Kings could go a number of ways with this pick, Casspi is an option on the International front, and Hansbrough would be a big name to bring in. Hansbrough would also make sense since he balance's Evans youth. In the end I think the Kings take Carroll. They need a big man to play next to Hawes, and I feel like Carroll may be the best fit.

24. Dallas Mavericks: Chase Budinger-SG

The Mavericks love their shooters and Budinger fits the bill here at 24. He can step in and help right away. He will need to become more of a defender to be anything more than a role player. Darren Collison is an option here as well.

25. Oklahoma City Thunder: Danny Green-G/F

Green is the perfect fit for the Thunder here. He can back up both Harden at the 2 and Durant at the 3, and become a great 6th man. He ability on offense and defense makes him the right pick here over some other players with more upside.

26. Chicago Bulls: Omri Casspi-SF

Casspi is a great pick for the Bulls if he falls this far. They could try waiting a year before bringing him to the U.S., or he could be a solid forward for them off the bench. He's tough and by all reports a quality rebounder.

27. Memphis Grizzlies: Toney Douglas-G

Douglas is a good fit here as he can back up both of the guard positions. If Memphis takes Thabeet 2nd, then depth in the back court is their biggest weakness. Douglas should fill that need pretty well. He's an underrated player and should be a steal here.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves: Jonas Jerebko-F

This might be hard to do with PF's like Hansbrough and Derrick Brown still on the board, but it seems likely that the T-wolves will take an international player with this pick. They likely won't want to have 4 rookies on their roster, and will keep whomever they take abroad.

29. New York Knicks: Darren Collison-PG

This could change if the Knicks get a PG with their top pick as PF will be their biggest need (Hansbrough anyone). Either way the Knicks traded back into the first round to get a player who can come in and play right away. Collison seems like the likely pick here. He can run the point and has always made everyone around him better. The Knicks would get a heck of a player here at 29.

30. Cleveland Cavaliers: Tyler Hansbrough-PF

Hansbrough could easily go 10 spots higher, but I think the concerns about his game will lead him to slide. He fits best on a playoff team where he's the 7th to 9th guy off the bench. In Cleveland he can fill a role, and not have to be the top offensive threat on the team. Playing next to Shaq and Big-Z should help him as well. This is a great insurance policy if the Cavs can't resign Varejo. And if they do resign him then the Cavs got that much deeper.

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