Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favre Retired (Again...I think)

Yesterday Brett Favre announced his third retirement from his illustrious playing career. Now most people will say this is only his 2nd retirement, because he never officially signed with the Minnesota Vikings. This saga has played out long enough that I think that the Vikings deserved to be engraved into his bust for the Hall of Fame. Now I respect a player coming out of retirement, because they still have a love for the game and want to compete. Players like Michael Jordan and Mario Lemieux came back because they felt they could still play. Regardless of the results of their return, they deserve to be revered for putting the game first. That is how I viewed Favre's return last year. No matter the drama with the Packers front office that led to his Jets cameo, Favre deserved the chance to play if he still wanted to. In my eyes Favre's legacy was still intact.

The retirement roller coaster this year though, has tarnished Favre's reputation pretty severely. This process was too drawn out and included too many false promises for us as fans to respect Favre for wanting to come back (again) or retire (again). This became too much of a joke. When else do you see a player 'retire' while in retirement, (not to be confused with unretiring which he did the first time).

The big loser in this saga are the Minnesota Vikings (maybe this was Favre's way to appease Packer fans, screw with their opponent). Now I'm sure they will tell you that are perfectly happy with the quarterbacks on their roster (Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson), but who really believes that to be true? Jackson has been awful as a starter and pretty much cost them their playoff game last year. Rosenfels is an improvement and should be the starter now in Minnesota, but he is no Brett Favre. Even Favre past his prime would have given the Vikings a better chance to compete than Rosenfels. On top of the talent downgrade at quarterback, Minnesota now has to deal with the fallout from their players, fans, media, and bloggers (like this one) who have been expecting Favre to be wearing purple this coming September. Now the Vikings will have negative media stories hounding them all season. The pressure is now on their quarterbacks two-fold to win without Favre.

Farve will always go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He was winner who helped reestablish an iconic franchise as a powerhouse. Farve was probably the toughest guy to line up behind center in recent years, if not ever. His play on the field could be related to and respected by any fan, regardless of loyalty. He was a fierce competitor and a winner, but in the end, he will be remembered for his indecisiveness not on the field, but in the press. Hopefully, years from now us fans can forgive Brett Farve for the 24 hour news coverage of his retirement. Until then lets hope this is the last time we hear Brett's name mentioned with a team as a possible player.

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  1. dude, it's favre...still, i love the last sentence of the second paragraph