Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail"

In a "New York Minute" both of those people are former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Burress pled guilty today to one count of attempted possession of a weapon, and will face up to two years in prison. Burress who faced these charges after shooting himself in the leg last November, in a NYC night club (apparently, not only did Burress lack judgement in bringing the gun into the club in the first place, but he then compounded his stupidity by keeping it in the waistband of his pants). Burress initially ignored the D.A.'s first plea bargain attempt that would have reduced his jail time to potentially under one year. Burress, who caught the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl 18 months ago, will now face a minimum of 20 months in prison.

Burress, who was suspended for the remaining part of the 2008 season (which helped torpedo the Giants' chances of repeating), will now miss the next two football seasons as well. He has lost ten's of millions of dollars, on top of having to spend two years in jail. He's already 32 years old and won't be able to play football again until he's 34, which isn't exactly the prime years of an NFL wideout. His actions affected his team, the New York fans and himself, and its good to see the D.A. not being to lenient on him since it was an "accident". Hopefully more players will take heed of this case as a warning and ensure that they respect the law and stay away from situations where they feel they need a gun. Burress is lucky that his accidental shot didn't strike and injure any innocent bystanders or his two year sentence could have been 10. The only good news is it will be at least a 20 month reprieve until we have the "Who is going to sign Plaxico Burress" hype.

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