Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yanks make the right move with Joba

The New York Yankees made a smart and bold decision with their stud young pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, when they announced that they were going to limit his innings. The Yankees are making the right call in ensuring that their star won't be overworked and healthy in the future. The Yankees will start Joba on 7 days rest to help limit his work load. More teams should take notice of this strategy, as plenty of young pitchers have been over used and then sent to Dr. James Andrews for some various arm surgery. Right now Chamberlain is at 121 innings, after pitching 124 last season. Traditionally adding any more than 30-40 innings could have serious long term implications for a young pitcher. Given that the Yankees could be playing deep into October, resting Chamberlain now not only saves him for this postseason, but for future ones as well. The Yankees should look to limit Joba to no more than 5 starts for the rest of the regular season, at around 6 innings per start. This would allow Chamberlain to still make a significant contribution in the postseason, without putting him at further risk.

My only issue with the Yankees' strategy here is that they don't have a great option to take the mound in the games Joba is skipped. That's 4-6 starts that will go to the likes of Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin. Not exactly the guys you want on the hill as you try to clinch the division and home field advantage. The Yankees should look to add a better starting option off the waiver wire. Regardless, New York is making the right decision here even if it means not putting there best player on the mound every 5 days.

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