Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trade Center: MLB

A couple of modest trades have been made over the last few days. Here is a quick look at them.

The Deal: The St. Louis Cardinals acquire UTL Mark DeRosa from the Cleveland Indians for RP Chris Perez and a Player To Be Named Later (PTBNL).

Indians: In the off season the Indians acquired DeRosa from the Chicago Cubs for three minor leaguers, in the hopes that he could help propel the Indians to the playoffs. They didn't give up any top prospects so it was a good deal for Cleveland. Unfortunately the Indians have the worst record in the A.L., and are 12 games out of the Central division. Now was a good time for the Indians to start selling, and rebuilding for next year. By trading DeRosa, Cleveland frees up over $2.75 million from their payroll, and acquires a top reliever prospect in Perez. Though PTBNL's are usually marginal prospects, it seems like there are a few quality guys that could end up coming back to the Indians.

Cardinals: St. Louis is battling for the N.L. Central division, that is truly up for grabs. Only 6 games separate the top and bottom of the six team division. The Cardinals need another hitter in the line-up to go along with Albert Pujols. DeRosa, who can play all over the diamond, will slide in at third base for the injured Troy Glaus. DeRosa isn't an impact bat, but he does everything well in addition to being a good club house guy.

Winner: Its hard to declare a winner until we know who the PTBNL is. Until then this looks like a good deal for both sides. The Cards add a good player, who isn't a drag on the payroll. The Indians receive one good prospect, likely another solid one, and financial relief.

The Deal: The New York Yankees acquire UTL Eric Hinske from the Pittsburgh Pirates for OF/C Eric Fryer (High-A) and RP Casey Erickson (Low-A).

Pirates: For Pittsburgh they traded away a bench player, for some salary relief, a couple of fringe prospects, and a roster spot. Overall that is not a bad deal. The Pirates had to kick in part of Hinske's salary, but it sounds like they were able to save over $400K in the deal. That money can be used to sign draft picks or international players. Neither Fryer or Erickson are top prospects, but both offer organizational depth and a little upside. The Pirates also free up a roster spot to promote 1B/OF Garret Jones. Though Jones isn't a top prospect, he has some big time power, and should be given a chance to stick with the big league club.

Yankees: New York has needed a UTL player all season. Hinske can back up first, third and both corner outfield spots. Given Alex Rodriguez's injury concerns having a quality back-up is a must for the Yankees. The Yankees didn't give up any major prospects in the deal, and got a solid big leaguer in return. Hinske won't be the answer if A-Rod is out for a significant time, but he should fill in nicely for spot duty.

Winner: Both teams won here as they satisfied their biggest goals. The Yankees filled a glaring hole on their bench, without selling the farm or adding a bloated contract. And the Pirates moved a redundant player for some financial relief and a little upside.

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