Thursday, May 21, 2009

Magic Upset the Cavs to take Game 1

The Orlando Magic went into Cleveland last night and knocked off the Cavaliers 107-106, with a Rashard Lewis 3-pointer with 15 seconds remaining. The Magic were down by 15 at halftime, but battled back to be within four points by the start of the 4th quarter. Orlando overcame their deficit by just out shooting the Cavaliers. Both teams had 43 field goals and 12 free throws, but the Magic had nine 3-pointers to the Cavs eight and that was the difference in the game. Orlando was more efficient with their shooting. Going 55.1-48.9% from the field and 85.7-70.6% from the line. The Cavs had 10 extra shot attempts from the field (including two in the final 15 seconds) and three extra free throws, had they made any one of their FG's or two FT's they would have won the game. The Magic came in and took a crucial game one, and now have put pressure on the Cavaliers.

The Cavs shouldn't be too worried about their performance last night. They dominated the Magic in the first half of the game. It looked as if the Cavs picked up where they had left off in their first two playoff series. Then in the second half Cleveland just came out flat and had a bad third quarter. The Cavs should still be considered the favorite to win this series, one misstep shouldn't be cause for concern. Cleveland is coming off an eight day layoff between series so there was bound to be a little rust last night. Overall the Cavs are the best team and have the best player, and that should win out in the end. 

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