Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playoff Predictions


Detroit Redwings vs. Chicago Blackhawks: 

Redwings in 5 games. The Blackhawks are a nice young exciting team but they can't match-up against the Redwings for an entire series. Detroit has too much talent, depth and experience to lose this series. The Redwings are already up 2-0 in this series and should have it wrapped up by next Wednesday when they get back on their home ice. 

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Carolina Hurricanes:

Penguins in 6 games. Carolina has had an amazing postseason run, winning in dramatic fashion two game 7's on the road, but I think their luck has run out. The Penguins are looking to redeem themselves for last season's Stanley Cup loss. They have been pretty good so far this postseason and overcame a 2-0 series deficit to come back to beat the Capitals 4-3. With Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh will have the two best skaters in the series and that is usually a recipe for victory.


L.A. Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets:

Nuggets in 6 games. The Lakers may have taken game one but I think the Nuggets will take the series. The Lakers played sloppy in their 2nd round series against the Houston Rockets. They have an impressive double digit win one night and then get blown out the next. That is not the mark of a true championship caliber team. I think the Nuggets are playing their best basketball right now and over the series that will come through in the end. The Nuggets have better overall depth and talent inside than the Lakers. They are playing too well as a team to be stopped.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando Magic:

Cavaliers in 5 games. There is a lot to like about the Magic going into this series. Orlando had a great series to knock off the defending champion Celtics in 7 games. The Magic have the best big man in the nation in Dwight Howard. Also Orlando won the season match-up against the Cavs 2-1. Unfortunately I don't think any of that will be able to stop LeBron James and the rest of the Cavaliers. James and company have been playing excellent ball so far this postseason, winning all of their games by double digits. James has dominated the postseason so far and is playing flawless basketball. I don't think the Magic have a true answer for LeBron. The Cavs will face their toughest challenge in Orlando, but should still wrap this series up pretty quickly.

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