Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MNF Makes a Trade

Big new from ESPN Monday Night Football. Tony Kornheiser steps down from his seat in the broadcast booth and will be replaced by Jon Gruden. Kornheiser will stay with ESPN as part of PTI with Michael Wilbon but will no longer be calling games. 

Personally I like this while I've enjoyed reading Kornheiser's columns over the years and love him on PTI, I never liked him as part of the Monday Night football team. Kornheiser would too often try and add a comedic element to the booth but would come up short. If MNF wanted comedy they should have just stuck with Dennis Miller, he's at least funny. The other issue with Kornheiser is he wouldn't always let the game dictate his comments, which I always found frustrating. A good broadcaster needs to respond to whats going on in the game and not what they want to talk about. Now I don't know Gruden will be an upgrade or not I do think he has the potential and personality to help make MNF more enjoyable.

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